Our proprietary methodology has been honed over two decades’ consulting, for companies ranging from start-ups to $100M companies. Everything we do stems from—and works toward–the following five principles.

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The Turning Point Approach


When you hire Turning Point, you hire consulting professionals, almost all of them W2 employees, not one-assignment contractors.  Many of our teams have worked together, in the same roles, for years, enabling the crisp, efficient teamwork that delivers dramatic results, quickly.


Every Turning Point solution is based on financial reports that are accurate, insightful, and actionable.  We know what to look for and we know where and how to find it.  We will quickly and clearly understand your company and its financial situation.


M&A support, financial modeling, compliance reporting. Whatever your financial consulting needs, Turning Point will deliver results in the form of actionable financial deliverables.

Operational Improvements.

Financial data often reveals the key changes a company needs to make to grow, stabilize, or, in some cases, survive.  But all the data, teamwork, and clarity in the world won’t help, if they’re not converted into actual changes in how your business operates.  Turning Point has been part of more than 150 business success stories. We bring that expertise and experience to every client.


Changes and improvements, to be meaningful, must be ongoing.  Repeatable.  Turning Point works with your team to implement systematic processes that ensure financial deliverables are achieved on an ongoing basis.